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Effect of alcalcohol on the body


How to prevent hangover?

As generally known, hangover comes after consumption of alcoholic drinks. Tolerance on alcohol varies a lot in different people because of a different version of 1 gen, when it is very difficult for the body to eliminate acetaldehyde arising from ethanol by its elimination in livers.
Acetaldehyde is the cause of a range of health difficulties after consumption of alcohol, summarily referred to as hangover. If the problems have already started to have an effect, it is very difficult to get rid of them and mostly it is a matter of time before they go off. Different “proven recipes“ are not very effective.



The best way how to avoid hangover is prevention. It is prevention which is the strongest point of the Suricate eyes food supplement. By acting in the entire organism, the Suricate eyes effective components activate the ADH and ALDH enzymes in livers whereby they “prepare”  the organism on how to “ cope“ with the toxic metabolite – acetaldehyde.  Unlike other different products against hangover, this is a different mechanism of Suricate eyes´ work in the organism. 



What is actually hangover?

Hangover refers to a summary of the negative effects of use of a bigger amount of alcohol. It is demonstrated by the feeling of thirst, headache, sickness, shakes and total weakening of the organism. Sometimes it can be also oversensitivity to light, noise and heart palpilation, irritation or on the contrary apathy. Hangover is caused by the combination of organism dehydratation and the influence of acetaldehyde on the organism. It comes after the buffer and pleasant euphorizing effects of alcohol have gone off.

Acetaldehyde, as a product of livers and gastric mucosa reaction to ethanol (the part of alcoholic drinks evoking pleasant feelings). Acetaldehyde is 30x more toxic than the ethanol itself, remaining in the organism a long time after we think that everything is already all right.

The body defends itself against acetaldehyde by several enzymes that decompose it. And it is Suricate eyes that causes the increased production of the enzymes!!!


Suricate eyes does not limit in any way the influence of alcohol on the human psychic and behaviour and does not entitle to drive cars !!! Don´t ever forget that !!!

How to use Suricate eyes? 

Suricate eyes is applied in capsules of the size 1, when one recommended dosage is 2 capsules. On a blistered card, there are 10 capsules, thus 5 recommended dosages. The blistered card is put into a paper package (consumer package), on which all the data about the product and the instruction for use are printed.